See LabelCalc’s Nutritional Analysis Platform In Action With Our Video Demos

LabelCalc® is the leading online nutrition analysis platform for food manufacturers in the United States.

Below, explore some of our most commonly used video demos. Once logged into your LabelCalc account, you will have access to many more demos which will walk you through every step of your label-creation process.

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(1) How to Create an FDA Nutrition Facts Label in LabelCalc

This video demonstrates how to quickly and easily input recipe ingredients to create your nutrition facts label.

(2) Add Your Own Ingredients to your LabelCalc Account

This video is one of our most-requested tutorials, and displays a feature we are incredibly proud of. With LabelCalc, you can add your own ingredients for use in your recipes free of charge and in no time at all.

(3) Easily Print and Download Your Nutrition Facts Labels

Downloading your LabelCalc results is incredibly simple. Watch this video to see how you can easily configure the right label for your packaging and export it for unlimited use.

(4) How to save your recipe and use as a separate ingredient

Often, your food may include a separately prepared sauce, dressing, or icing as part of the final product. This video shows how LabelCalc easily creates these prep recipes, and how you can apply them within multiple recipes’ analyses.

(5) Automatic Flagging of Allergens Demo

See how powerful LabelCalc is by watching how we automatically flag all known Allergens in your recipe, and the create the FDA required Allergen Statement ready for printing and placing with your Nutrition Facts Label.

Now that you’ve seen LabelCalc at work, you may have additional questions about the software or how it can work for you. Give our FAQ page a look, or jump right into one of our membership plans to get started with your own label creation.

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