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LabelCalcⓇ is one of FoodCalc LLC’s two nutrition analysis products, created to help meet the needs of the food industry. Based in San Francisco, CA, we are a nationally recognized provider of online nutrition analysis that is fast, accurate, and FDA-compliant.

We have over ten years of experience in web-based nutrition analysis—which means we’ve been here long enough to master all the quirks of a heavily-regulated industry. We’re honored to be partners with and the preferred vendor of leading organizations and service providers. Our staff of expert food industry consultants and registered dietitians is proud to present solutions that make nutrition analysis simpler and more cost-effective for food-producers.

LabelCalc, an online nutrition analysis platform, is designed specifically for food manufacturers and retailers. LabelCalc helps you meet all FDA requirements to create a nutrition facts panel for selling your product commercially. Not only do you easily and quickly create your own labels, but you also receive all of LabelCalc’s analysis power with allergen identification, qualifying content claims, and other detailed information about the nutrients in your recipe. Our other nutrition analysis software, MenuCalc, was designed to provide instant nutrition analysis for restaurants and other food service professionals who need to comply with menu labeling laws.

With over 16,000 products calculated, and more than 8500 Nutrition Facts Labels printed and found in the marketplace, FoodCalc LLC is determined to make nutrition analysis accessible to first-time food producers and mega corporations alike. With innovative features, streamlined interfaces, and myriad online demos and tutorial options, our software transforms the way you create nutrition labels from the very first click.

To learn more about LabelCalc and how we might work together to create FDA-compliant nutrition labels for your food products, connect with us today.

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