Instant Recipe Analysis and FDA food labels for food manufactures and food businesses.

Over 19,000 recipes calculated, 8500+ Nutrition Facts Labels printed, LabelCalc® is the leading online nutrition analysis software to create accurate, FDA-approved food labels for your products.

With no recalls, expert support and 14 years industry experience, this is why thousands of food companies trust LabelCalc with their food labeling needs!

Are you a restaurant or food service professional? MenuCalc is designed just for you!

Create Your Nutritional Labels The Easy Way

LabelCalc was created with the help of food manufacturers just like you! Your priorities and needs can all be supported with the use of LabelCalc’s online capabilities for fast and easy labels that are FDA-compliant. Learn more from this great overview video:
LabelCalc is fully up-to-date with both sets of FDA Nutrition Facts Labels. All you need to do is enter your recipe, and we’ll take care of the formatting and regulations. Once complete you can print and download your labels as many times as you wish.

LabelCalc is completely online. No CD’s to instal, no waiting. Get started on your FDA labels today!

Our ingredients database was compiled directly by the USDA for use in nutrition analysis.

Search over 18,000 pre-analyzed ingredients or easily add your own.

Instant downloading and printing of your nutrition FDA labels—directly to your computer.

Your data is 100% safe, secure, and backed up daily. No one can access your recipes, but you

Easy to use Serving Size and Servings per Container features.

Ingredient Statements and automatic Allergen lists created for your use

Work at your own pace—LabelCalc software doesn’t impose any kind of time limit.

See LabelCalc’s Innovative Software in Action

Our new clients utilize our online demo videos to learn how the software works and how to quickly navigate our platform. Let us show you how easy it is to create a recipe with LabelCalc:

This video takes you through the first steps to getting instant nutrition analysis results with LabelCalc. Visit our demos page if you’re interested in seeing how to add your own supplier ingredients, how to compare nutrients side by side in your recipe, or how to use a number of other LabelCalc features.

Instantly Create Retail-Ready, FDA-Approved Nutrition Labels

LabelCalc is your best choice for creating nutrition labels.
  • "LabelCalc is very fast, accurate and easy to use. It's a huge improvement over our previous CD, which was extremely complicated and time-consuming. LabelCalc's customer service is exceptional in the food industry."

    Lisa Miehl Marketing Product Manager at Energy Club
  • "LabelCalc offers an efficient and reasonably priced alternative to the other options in the marketplace.While prices for laboratory analysis, nutrition CDs and third-party consultants can run to thousands of dollars, LabelCalc successfully minimizes these costs."

    Natural Foods Magazine Dec 4th Issue

Our Expert Consultants Can Complete the Analysis For You

From first-time food producers to large multi-location production companiescustomers rave about LabelCalc’s ability to save time, money, and difficulty. Our brand is trusted and preferred across the food manufacturing industry. We also provide impeccable expert consulting services that assist with regulatory compliance, nutrition analysis, and recipe review.
Here are just a few of the Food Manufacturer’s who trust LableCalc for nutritional analysis and regulatory compliance:

Interested in learning more about LabelCalc or nutrition analysis? Connect with us today, or jump right into our pricing plans to get started.

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